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Niagara Detroit

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Can we as a society please push for legislation to require all police officers to wear a camera on their uniform 100% of the time while they’re on duty, and add a clause stating that any officer accused of police brutality while not wearing their camera will be subject to immediate termination with no option to work in law enforcement at any capacity ever again? Can we please do that? Please?

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stop romanticizing the idea of becoming so dependent on another human being that you cannot function adequately without their presence goodbye

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Weekly reminder that I’m a piece of shit

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"Curing AIDS? Shit, that’s like Cadillac making a car that lasts for 50 years. And you know they can do it, but they ain’t going to do nothing that fucking dumb. Shit, they got metal on the Space Shuttle that can go around the Moon and withstand  temperatures of up to 20,000 degrees, you mean to tell me you don’t think they can make an El Dorado with a fuckin’ bumper that don’t fall off?"

- Chris Rock (“Bigger and Blacker”, 1999)

Same for cancer

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